Printed Indicator Tags are
packaged and sold by the box or

One box contains 1000 tags.
One half case contains 3000 tags.
One case contains 6000 tags.
Quantity pricing available.

Regular Tags:
Box price - $170 U.S.
Half case price - $
310 U.S.
Case price - $5
55 U.S.

Extra Durable Tags:
Box price - $190 U.S.
Half case price - $3
35 U.S.
Case price - $
650 U.S.
Custom Order Item
Aluminum Tag Holders are reusable and available individually or packaged in a case of 100 units.
Individual price - $10.00 U.S.      Case price - $950.00 U.S.
Non-Custom Orders ship
within 48 hours. Domestic
shipping via FedEx or UPS.
International shipping via
freight or air.
Ordering Information
Proudly serving the food
processing industry since 1948.
Can be used with:

*Bar Code Labels
*AM/PM Shifts
*Different Foods
*Fish Species
Colored Barcode Tags
Colored Barcode Tags

Packaged and sold by the case
of 6000 tags as a custom order.

Request a list for current available

Can also be printed in white.

Special order, requires lead time.

Ask about our extra durable
and Tyvek tags
Tyvek Tags:
Box price - $290 U.S.
Half case price - $4
95 U.S.
Case price - $
750 U.S.