A Simple Solution for a Critical Task
Corey Cannery Company Info With more than 20 years of experience as a chemist in the food processing industry, Bart Hackney recognized a need for a simple, yet effective way to ensure foods were cooked properly during the canning process.  Rather than constantly monitoring thermometers, he devised a label with heat-sensitive ink that would change color once the desired temperature was reached.  His process, developed in 1952, remains a standard throughout the food industry today.

Family-owned and operated, Corey Cannery Controls continues to provide temperature indicators to companies around the world.  These single-use retort tags are still as economical and easy to use as they were 55 years ago.  As a third-generation member of the family, grandson Bart Corey and wife Susan continue to focus on world-class customer service to deliver a quality product.
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